The Arts

Mooreland students paint while supervised by an instructor during an arts project at Kensington

The Arts Program at Mooreland Hill School

Throughout history, the arts have had a profound impact on the growth and development of vibrant civilizations. Through the study of the arts, we gain an understanding and appreciation for history, values and contributions of the world’s many civilizations and cultures.

Mooreland has a comprehensive curriculum in art, music and drama. We believe that the arts are best understood when students appreciate it as an integral part of their daily lives.

The goals of the arts program at Mooreland Hill School include:

  • fostering creativity;
  • promoting the search for new means of expression;
  • encouraging problem-solving;
  • developing observational and interpretive skills.

The art program includes art history, design, drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture. The music program includes music history and appreciation and choral and instrumental training. In addition, there are several opportunities to showcase a student’s abilities in both of these areas including chorus, instrumental ensemble, semi-annual art shows and dramatic productions that may encompass numerous talents.

The drama program offers a major musical production every year. Whether as leads, supporting cast or chorus, every student interested in performing, receives a role. Students may also participate in costume design, choreography and technical theater including stage-managing, lighting and sound design. The pride in presenting a high caliber production permeates the entire school community. In addition, a winter drama offering encourages students to write, direct, and cast their own original non-musical works.

Extra-curricular art offerings include photography, yearbook design and an annual “Mural-a-thon” which benefits the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Students also contribute to the Kaleidoscope, Mooreland’s own literary and artistic magazine, which is published annually and is a compendium of student poems, essays, short stories, drawings and photographs. Mooreland Hill students compile and edit the Kaleidoscope.

Throughout the year, field trips to sites such as the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Wadsworth Atheneum, the New Britain Symphony and the Goodspeed Opera House give a further dimension to the arts at Mooreland.