“Mooreland provided my children with a safe, positive and challenging environment at a time in their development when they naturally began to question who they were to become as students, as adults, as friends. They explored deeper in the classroom because of small classes; they excelled on the athletic fields because they were welcomed on the team; they learned to be themselves around adults because the staff encouraged them to be authentic. More than all these, however, they were allowed to be adolescents—goofy, curious, dramatic, genuine.” - Terry Kamradt, Parent ’08 ’11

“The teachers are 100% vested in helping your child do their best…These are the years that shape what kind of student your child will be. We have two more children at home, I wouldn’t think of sending them anywhere else.”  -Brandi Kay, Parent ’12 ’13

“Looking back through my memories, I can honestly say that Mooreland set me on the right path for my academic future. The individual attention I received gave me an advantage with high school peers, which in turn gave me an advantage with college peers. The skills, habits, life skills, and positive reinforcement I received at MHS helped to propel me to earning a 4.0 GPA in my Master’s degree. The lessons and memories start early, but last forever.” – Jonathan Judd ‘86, Board of Trustees

“They say that hind sight is 20/20 and in this case it is certainly true. Mooreland taught me the study ethic and the critical thinking skills that served me right through the completion of my master’s degree.”-Althea Johnson McDonald ‘78

With the small class sizes they are able to cover more ground. My oldest daughter is doing things in 7th grade that I did in 10th. My 6th grader is reading Shakesphere, and they both have had to speak in front of classmates,teachers, and parents on numerous occasions. They may not appreciate it now, but being comfortable to speak in public is huge as they grow.” -Brandi Kay,  Parent ’12 ’13

“I really benefited from the quality teachers, the small class sizes, and the prevailing attitude that being prepared, making connections and mastering the material was cool. In fact, the idea of going to class unprepared and perhaps embarrassing myself was enough to motivate me to push through my assignments every night!” -Althea Johnson McDonald ’78

“Believe it or not, the sports at this little school are amazing! Mooreland is so supportive, and sportsmanship is the most important thing. This goes from how they treat each other to how they treat the teams they’re playing.” -Current Parent

“Mooreland taught my daughter at least three invaluable things. She learned (i) how to advocate for herself, (ii) how to be well-ordered in accomplishing tasks and thinking, and (iii) how to use a broom.” – Michael Schnipper, Board of Trustees, Alumnae Parent