Q&A with the Headmaster

Q&A with Headmaster, Michael D. Dooman ’78  Mooreland Hill School - Headmaster Michael Dooman

How would you describe Mooreland Hill School?

Mooreland Hill School is a vibrant learning community with a long history of preparing students for the challenges of secondary school and beyond. It is a school where students are encouraged to explore the world around them, try new things, and engage in rigorous academics to find their passions. All of this is done in an atmosphere of safety and trust, and the belief that mistakes are a part of the learning process.

What makes Mooreland Hill School distinctive?

It is the only independent school in the region that is dedicated to educating children in grades four through nine. As such, it has a long history of educating middle school age children. The education we provide is multi-dimensional, encompassing an academic curriculum that prepares children for success at the next level and beyond and an affective educational component that seeks to develop strong character and ethical decision-making. In addition, our outdoor education curriculum seeks to challenge students to work cooperatively with peers, to develop leadership skills, and to instill a respect and appreciation for the environment.

What do you believe is the number one reason why parents enroll children at the school?

The climate and culture of learning in a challenging yet supportive environment draws many families to Mooreland Hill School. Mooreland Hill is a mission driven school that attracts educational professionals who are dedicated to working with elementary and middle school students.

What should parents expect if they elect to send their child here?

Parents can expect that their child will be challenged academically and encouraged socially to reach his or her highest potential. This is done through the development of confidence in one’s own abilities and in one’s preparation to meet the challenges of the future. Parents can expect, also, to be involved in their child’s experience through the advisor program and an active Parents Association. In short, parents are an important part of our community; we are all invested in the education, safety, and well being of our students.

What defines and distinguishes Mooreland as a “supportive environment” that “builds confidence” and “promotes” or enables “achievement”?

We believe that the most important relationship on campus is that between teacher and student. As such, it is incumbent upon the school to create an environment in which this relationship can be sustained, supported, and enhanced. It is the quality of this relationship that can determine attitudes on learning, social responsibility and personal growth. This is so because it is important for both the student and teacher to be able to express clearly and in a constructive manner their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Through healthy communication, students can learn to be effective self-advocates and take an active role in their own education.

What is the School most proud of today?

For over seven decades, Mooreland Hill School has provided an excellent educational experience for young people in a classical independent school fashion. Supported through a rigorous academic curriculum, interscholastic athletic program, strong advisor system, and close cooperation between the home and school, the program is rich and flexible. Once a student enrolls in Mooreland Hill School he or she joins a community that is rich in history and is strongly supported by the alumni/ae, a community that will remain with them throughout their lives.