Supporting Mooreland Hill

A Way To Help, A Way To Be Remembered

A Mooreland Hill School commemorative plaque installed with endowment and donation funds

Endowment funds are lifelines for independent schools, colleges and universities and, like all of these institutions, Mooreland Hill relies on endowment income for budget, scholarship and programming support.

The Mooreland Hill School endowment fund takes two forms – unrestricted and restricted. The unrestricted general endowment is comprised of endowment gifts given to the school with no restrictions. These funds not only generate income but may also, by Board of Trustees designation, be used for capital purposes such as new campus construction, renovation projects or fiscal emergencies. Restricted funds consist of gifts given or left to the school for purposes of generating income for the school in perpetuity, usually in honor of or in memory of an individual or family.

Mooreland’s growing list of endowment funds includes the following:
A.W. Stanley – Scholarship
Philip Thomas – General Support
Margaret Hart Young – Scholarship
Rowland Family – Professional Development
Nancy F. Judd – Scholarship
James V. Parsons – Scholarship
Sauer/Wilding Family – Diversity
McKernan Family – Scholarship
Knaus Family – Scholarship
Longo Family – Scholarship
Frisbie Family – Scholarship
Gail A. Byeff – Scholarship
(Herbert) Carlson Family – Scholarship
Charles French Memorial – Library
Mooreland Hill Parents’ Association – Scholarship
(Welles) Eddy Family – Scholarship
Oscar A. Steege – Scholarship
Cooper Family – Scholarship
Hart Family – Scholarship
Griffen Family – Scholarship

Separate from annual giving, contributions may be made to the general endowment fund at any time. Or you may wish to consider establishing a fund in your or your family’s name. To find out more about “A Way To Be Remembered,” please contact Headmaster Michael Dooman at 860-223-6428 or