Academic Grading & Awards


Effort Evaluation and Effort Honors
The effort grading system is designed to accompany narrative comments on interim and quarter student reports. The faculty uses the evaluation system to convey their assessment of student effort. While subjective in nature, the system does identify criteria that are descriptive of student work habits. The ratings are numerical and it should be noted that the faculty take the terms quite literally, i.e. good is just that — good!

While we are always proud of those students who do achieve honors, we also take pride in those students who, through diligent work, achieve high effort grades. To this end, the school instituted an Effort Honor System to recognize those students who consistently display strong effort in their academic, artistic, and athletic endeavors. A student may be placed on High Effort Honors by earning 1′s and 2′s for effort grades. Students may be placed on Effort Honors by earning effort grades of 1′s, 2′s and no more than two effort grades of 3.

Effort Ratings and Criteria
Rating 1 – Excellent
Rating 2 – Very Good
Rating 3 – Satisfactory
Rating 4 – Fair
Rating 5 – Unsatisfactory

The effort ratings are the individual teacher’s assessment of each student based on the following criteria:
a. daily participation
b. thoroughness and quality of work
c. attitude
d. class participation
e. utilization of time
f. initiative (self-reliance and self-motivation)

Academic Honors
The following scale defines the various honors levels at Mooreland Hill:
Honors = Average of 80 to 84 with no grade below 75
High Honors = Average of 85 to 89 with no grade below 80
(Grade 4/5 – All A’s and B’s)
Highest Honors = Average of 90 to 100 with no grade below 85 (Grade 5 – All

End of the Year Honors and Awards
At class day and graduation, awards are given to students who have performed in an exemplary fashion during the year or during their career at Mooreland Hill. Awards presented are:

Citizenship Award – Awarded to the eighth or ninth grade student whose achievements in the classroom, on the athletic field and in extracurricular activities best exemplifies the spirit and ideals of Mooreland Hill. This student should display consistent effort in academic and athletic pursuits, show a responsible and positive attitude, be accepting of others and consistently participate in and attend school functions.

Class of ’82 Award for Spirit – This award is presented to an eighth or ninth grade student who has consistently shown positive spirit during his or her career at Mooreland Hill. This student should be energetic and enthusiastic about the school, our students and our programs and should be encouraging and sincere toward others.

Outstanding Female and Male Athletes – Awarded to the eighth or ninth grade student who has participated in all three seasons of competitive athletics and has demonstrated outstanding and consistent talent, leadership and sportsmanship in athletics. These athletes should be positive and helpful during practices and games.

Academic Awards – Given by the academic departments to the ninth grade students who have shown superior achievement in the specific disciplines. The awards are made on the basis of a quantitative evaluation, specifically the student who has achieved the highest academic average in each academic discipline.

Highest Academic Average – Awarded to the student with the highest overall adjusted academic average in grades six, seven, eight and nine.

Margaret Hart Young Memorial Scholarship – In 1985 the sons of Margaret Hart Young endowed a scholarship fund in memory of their mother, one of the original founders of Mooreland Hill School. Each year scholarships are awarded to students who have, since the previous year, shown academic improvement, sound or improved effort, and growth in character. Each recipient receives a monetary award of not less than $1,000 towards tuition charges. All 6th and 7th grade students who are beginning at least their second year at Mooreland are eligible and are encouraged to strive for this distinct honor.

Mooreland Hill administers mid-year and final exams to students in grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 in every full-year academic subject. In addition to being a good measure of progress, the exams provide opportunities for students to improve their test preparation and test-taking skills. Considerable attention is paid, particularly in the 6th grade, to teaching students to prepare for these tests. While each class will prepare for the exams differently, it is suggested that you encourage your child to keep all tests, quizzes and homework assignments for use as study materials. The exam days are on the school calendar. Exam schedules will be posted around the school in advance of the examination periods and are usually e-mailed and attached to the MHS Family Newsletter (MHS Weekly).