Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign Celebration

A man plays the piano at Mooreland's Capital campaign celebration 2011Donors to the capital campaign gathered in October at neighboring Shuttle Meadow Country Club to celebrate the success of the campaign. Spirits were high as campaign co-chairs, Brendan T. Conry P’10, ’13 and Richard L. Judd P’80 ’86, announced the results: $1,070,000.00, exceeding the goal of one million dollars.

Three women pose for the camera at Mooreland Hill School's Capital Campaign Celebration 2011

In the Fall of 2008 the Board of Trustees and Headmaster Michael D. Dooman, ’78, announced that Mooreland Hill School would commence a one million dollar Capital Campaign. The campaign, the first for our school in 12 years, began with exciting and encouraging results. The kick-off celebration on September 26 brought the news that we had already reached just over 50% of our goal from a relatively small number of people in the Mooreland community – trustees, founders, faculty, parents, friends, a charitable foundation, and the students. By January of 2009, the school reached its goal - and the total continues to rise. Giving to the Capital Campaign will close on December 31, 2010.

We wish to thank all those who joined us in exceeding one million dollars, and in ensuring the future growth and strength of Mooreland Hill.  To learn more about the school’s needs and plans for the future, simply call the school at 860.223.6428. We look forward to hearing from you!