Why Mooreland?

The teachers are 100% vested in helping your child do their best…These are the years that shape what kind of student your child will be. We have two more children at home, I wouldn’t think of sending them anywhere else. -Brandi Kay, Parent ‘12 ‘13
  • The academics are challenging
  • Small class size ensures every student sits in the ‘front row’
  • Students experience the arts as an integral part of our program
  • Interscholastic athletics extend our class day onto the playing fields
  • Students learn equally well in canoes as they do in the classroom.
    Mooreland students pose by canoes near a river during a 7th grade camping trip

    7th grade camping trip


At Mooreland Hill School, we believe the adolescent years are the most formative. Academically, physically and socially, lifetime patterns and attributes toward school and self are shaped during the middle school years. Our curriculum, our approach to extra-curriculum activities and athletics, and our style as a school all serve to support this belief.

Adds Beth Wursil, Associate Director of Admission, Westover School: We currently have two Mooreland Hill alums enrolled at our school and have found them to be not only prepared and enthusiastic academicians, but lovely and friendly young people. They are cheerful, thoughtful and always willing to help. They have risen to the challenge that our rigorous prep school classes provide and have learned a lot about themselves in and out of the classroom each year they have been with us. We only hope there will be more to come!

And, do not forget to read 80 Reasons, written by the students in honor of the school’s 80th anniversary celebration.