The private school library at Mooreland Hill School

Mooreland’s Educational Philosophy

The immediate and expressed purpose of Mooreland Hill School, ever since its founding, has been to prepare its students for admission and success at the secondary schools best suited to their needs, interests, talents, and abilities. Several principles are implicit in this commitment:

  • First, to develop the whole child by emphasizing strong academic preparation and offering opportunities for social and physical growth.
  • Second, to provide a traditional, structured curriculum with emphasis on fundamental studying and learning processes while providing opportunities to become active, independent learners and creative, critical thinkers.
  • Third, to encourage each child to perform at the highest level of his or her ability in all areas.
  • Central to this philosophy is the conviction that each child be helped to develop a realistic sense of worth, a respect for others, high moral character, and a strong feeling for family and community. Mooreland Hill endeavors to provide the opportunity for considerable individual attention from faculty. This is done in partnership with the home through a system of guidance and communication extending beyond the school day. This personal approach will help assure that each student leaves Mooreland Hill with a sense of accomplishment; a pride in standards of excellence; an understanding of the responsibility of citizenship; and a confidence in his or her preparation to accept the challenges of the future.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our academic program by calling us at 860.223.6428.