About Us



For over eighty years, Mooreland Hill School has prepared children for the challenges and opportunities awaiting them not only in secondary school and college, but also in life. With a long history of caring and individual attention, the faculty of the school has provided the opportunities and the education to allow young people to explore the world around them. It is the faculty’s spirited and knowledgeable teaching that brings a sense of wonder and exuberance to the process of discovery.

Our students come to the school from communities throughout the central Connecticut region. The school’s regional and ethnic diversity brings students together from a variety of geographic and socio-economic backgrounds. Thus, Mooreland Hill students come into contact with a range of thoughts, opinions, and experiences broadening their understanding of the greater regional and world community.

The parent body at Mooreland Hill School supports the school in word and deed. Working in concert with the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff, the parents actively promote the mission and program of the school. Along with current parents, the alumni/ae of the school provide generous support and give of their time and expertise to the school. Our school is a strong and vibrant community.

As you continue your visit on our website, you will discover those qualities that make Mooreland Hill School truly a unique place. After browsing our website, we look forward to having you visit us in person to see for yourself the strength of our academic programs in action and to see why we have flourished for over eighty years. It is because of our long history of working successfully with young, pre-adolescent and middle school children that we look forward confidently to the future and our centennial.

Michael Dooman, ‘78