80 Reasons

In commemoration of Mooreland Hill School’s eightieth year, students were asked, “What are the perks of attending Mooreland? Those little things that you can’t find in a catalogue.” Well, the students certainly had a lot to say! Here are the first 80:

Two Mooreland girls embrace at the Day School in Kensington, CT1. Good food at lunch.
2. Surrounded by a faculty committed to student success.
3. Small class size.
4. More challenging work.
5. A tight-knit community.
6. A clubs and activities period. This makes Fridays a lot more enjoyable.
7. Opportunity for everyone to play competitive sports.
8. Having dogs around campus.
9. The school is small and, therefore, everyone gets to know each other.
10. You can joke with your teachers.
11. The school helps you find the best secondary school.
12. You do great projects in art.
13. You get a break.
14. Making good friends.
15. Foreign languages.
16. Having Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
17. Many fun activities including the play.
18. Very well behaved children.
19. Good books in the library.
20. The kindness shown between students.
21. It is a comfortable environment.
22. Coaches are encouraging.
23. You can always be yourself here.
24. Extra help is always available.
25. School gets out earlier for summer break.
A Mooreland Hill School girl runs toward a soccer ball at the day school in Kensington, CT26. Cool dances.
27. Mr. Hancort.
28. The dress code makes life easier.
29. You get a very good education.
30. The right amount of homework is given.
31. You get to keep your books.
32. You are able to write in your books.
33. There are lots of computers.
34. You go on some really great field trips.
35. Surprises during the holiday season.
36. No one ever feels left out.
37. Mrs. Morek, our food service director, is very friendly.
38. We do all sorts of community service to help others.
39. The school song is cool.
40. The lockers are roomy and clean.
41. The art shack!
42. Salad Bar.
43. The Headmaster is awesome.
44. It is so good; it has been here 80 years!
45. Big Campus.
46. Excellent after school activities.
47. Nice faculty and staff.
48. Advisors to go to when you need help.
49. We can walk to our classes by ourselves.A Mooreland student paints at the day school in Kensington, CT
50. We have choices.
51. You can go outside at break.
52. There is a store to get snacks.
53. After school store too!
54.  It’s so easy to make friends here!
55. Having all the teachers know my name.
56. You can make a suggestion and it will happen.
57. You don’t make up snow days.
58. You can try new things.
59. You are encouraged.
60. You meet new kids from all around Connecticut.
61. The International Luncheon.
62. The front office will loan you money for snacks.
63. Ensemble is fun to join.
64. Everyone is helpful.
65. Latin! Scire valere.
66. Even chores are fun.
67. The outdoor education trips are awesome.
68. The campus is beautiful.
69. You can always be yourself.
70. Photography class, because you can develop your own pictures.
71. Grandfriends’ Day.
72. Challenging classes.
73. Neat science experiments.
74. The whole community gets along.
75. Canoeing the Mattabasset!
76.  The teachers really prepare us for high school.
77. Winter hiking is a great winter sport choice.
78.  Our fall musicals are the best!
79. Our Headmaster is a Yankees fan.
80. The beautiful graduation ceremonies.The Mooreland Hill School Day School Graduating Class of 2011 poses in formal attire