Multi-Age Groupings K-5

Mooreland Hill School: an Introduction

At its inception in 1930, Mooreland Hill School was an educational institution serving the needs of students in grades seven through nine. Over the years and owing to the school’s flexibility, additional grades were added. These additions strengthened the core of the school’s mission and purpose to provide an education unparalleled in its scope and breadth for students seeking matriculation to, and success in, secondary schools best suited to their interests and abilities.

A fifth and sixth grade were added in 1991 and the 1950’s respectively, and we have had a successful grade four/five Multi-Age Group (MAG) class since 2010. The grade four/five MAG class retains elements of successful elementary school practices while incorporating new challenges familiarizing students with learning at the middle school level. This experience has led the school to offer a full Kindergarten to Grade Nine program beginning in the fall of 2012.

Kindergarten to Grade Five Multi-Age Groupings

With the opportunity to begin in the Kindergarten/Grade One Multi-Age Group, Mooreland Hill students embark on a rewarding and enriching nine-year educational experience. The lower grades promote active, joyful, and creative learning in a nurturing and close-knit community where each child is known and respected as a unique individual. The program in the lower grades is designed to include a thoughtful balance appropriate to developmental stages of different grade levels and sensitive to the needs of individual learners. Each child’s day is alternately filled with vigorous activity and quiet time; traditional academic subjects and the arts, foreign language, and physical education, whole group instruction and activities and individual attention. This rich educational experience prepares our students for continued success in Mooreland Hill’s rigorous and broad academic program in the latter middle school years.

Program Highlights

  • Active and safe learning environment on a six acre campus in a quiet, residential area
  • A/B year thematic cycles to ensure no repetition in core subjects
  • Developmentally appropriate groupings in Language Arts and mathematics;
  • Multi-sensory and multi-modal approach to learning throughout the day;
  • Opportunity for both individual attention and group activities;
  • Instruction sensitive to different learning styles.

With our understanding of the importance of play in child development, the curiosity and imagination so natural in children are celebrated as integral to all learning. All arenas of development – cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and aesthetic – are enhanced and enriched through children’s play experience. Play provides the opportunity to create, try new ideas, find self expression, master fears, discover connections, and make meaning of their world.

By staying in the same classroom for a two-year period, children develop a strong sense of community and stability, with ½ of a class returning every year. Older children model more sophisticated approaches to problem solving, and younger children learn by doing in a process-oriented program. This dynamic increases the older child’s level of independence and competence.

Capitalizing on the natural enthusiasm and curiosity of young learners, our teachers teach skills and habits essential for life-long learning. Essential character development takes place alongside academic learning throughout the classroom experience. Our students learn the importance of collaborative work and play, community service, respecting differences, and good decision making. Ours is an accepting community.

Each school day begins with an all-school morning meeting at 7:55 a.m. The day concludes at 2:45 pm Monday through Friday. Aftercare is available through the New Britain/Berlin YMCA at an offsite location from 2:45 to 6:00 p.m. for an additional fee.

Kindergarten to Grade Three Multi-Age Group (MAG)

The Structure

Each MAG student finds his or her classroom a welcoming home base in which to spend school days. A primary teacher and an assistant lead each MAG classroom and have discretion to schedule class time as necessary to capitalize on learning opportunities. In the areas of art, music, foreign language, and physical education, children are introduced to and learn from additional teachers both in and out of their classrooms. This insures that our young students become familiar with a wide range of faculty and acclimated to the entire campus.

Each week, students in our Kindergarten to Grade Three MAG gather together for a large group meeting and join the entire school community for a weekly all school meeting.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Language Arts: Flexible groupings in all aspects of language arts skill development;
  • Mathematics: Developmentally and grade appropriate groupings;
  • Hands-on science classes;
  • Thematic topics in social studies and science are varied and offer opportunities for integration with other disciplines;
  • “Specials” Classes
    • Foreign language study
    • Music
    • Art
    • Physical Education


Parents prepare and send in lunch each day for their children. Guidelines for healthy eating will be discussed with parents in advance of the beginning of the school year. Students in K/1 and 2/3 MAG will have lunch together in the lower grade common room.

Grades 4/5 Multi-age Group (MAG)

Forming a developmental bridge between childhood and adolescence, the grade four/five Multi-age Group Program offers students a unique opportunity to become effective learners and independent thinkers.

The Structure

Fourth and Fifth grade students will find the structure of the program familiar and inviting. The class has its own homeroom and two primary teachers who supervise and teach this grade. They are responsible for language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, and Human Growth and Development. The primary teachers have discretion to schedule class time as necessary to deliver the curriculum most effectively.

Other Mooreland Hill faculty members work with students in foreign languages, music, art, and physical education. In addition, our four/five MAG students have the opportunity to interact with all members of the student body in a variety of ways from music and choral rehearsals and performances to all-school activities. Older students serve as Big Brothers or Big Sisters to the MAG students. This level of integration insures that students in the program become familiar with and acclimated to the entire community and campus and create lasting relationships.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Foreign Language (Spanish and French)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Human Growth and Development